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30-Jan-2018 22:46

And as we have seen in the recent abduction and murder of 13-year-old Nicole Lovell of Blacksburg, Va., concerns about online predators are more than just a moral panic: they stem from something real.

Lovell reportedly texted with one of her alleged killers, 18-year-old David Eisenhauer, a Virginia Tech student, on Kik Messenger, an app known among kids as a place for the exchange of sexts and nude selfies.

PORTLAND (ME) Press Herald December 17, 2017 By Eric Russell [See also some earlier articles about Charles Malia.] At Cheverus, they were taught moral responsibility, but victims of alleged abuse by a former teacher say they're still waiting for the school and the Jesuit community to practice what they preach.

When Michael Sweatt looked at his son’s schedule and saw the familiar name of a teacher, he went to the school and demanded his son be removed from that class.

Kids today are often accused of being narcissistic, but they may be learning their exhibitionist ways from their parents.

“Sharenting” has given parenting a whole new dimension: viewer-rated performance.

The usual debate centers on whether posting pictures of one’s children’s ­online—or allowing one’s children to do so—is safe from a privacy or security standpoint.

For Sweatt and other victims, the re-emergence of James Francis Talbot in the news is a reminder of the justice they never got from the school in Portland.

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While a few victims of Talbot received civil settlements, Malia’s victims have never been offered settlements and have no power to go to court.” “My response was: Because I know where the pedophile is in the building,” Sweatt said.